Storytime with John Taesoo Kim

  • June 13, 2019

The illustrator of Nova the Star-Eater comes to DC on Sun., June 16th, at 10:30AM!

Storytime with John Taesoo Kim

Illustrator John Taesoo Kim reads from and shows the art development for his newest book, Nova the Star Eater. Hear about this stellar tale of explosive proportions with sun-filled facts and giggle-inducing fun.

Nova has a big appetite for stars, so when she decides to gobble up Earth’s Sun, panic erupts around the globe. Earth needs its Sun to survive! How will it get it back from Nova? One bright little girl just might have a solution. Sparkling with humor and interstellar adventure, this story showcases creative problem-solving and a subtle reminder to not eat someone else’s food—or stars—without asking first.

At Solid State Books, 600 H St., NE, Washington, DC. Click here for info.

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