Meet Steven Leyva and Adam Schwartz

  • October 23, 2020

The 2020 Washington Writers Publishing House Award winners speak virtually on Sun., Oct. 25th, at 1 p.m. (EDT)!

Meet Steven Leyva and Adam Schwartz

Congratulate the winners of the 2020 Washington Writers Publishing House awards, Steven Leyva and Adam Schwartz.

The 2020 Jean Feldman Poetry Prize-winner Steven Leyva's The Understudy's Handbook is a collection of beautifully detailed, emotionally lush poems that comprise a portrait of a life, a biracial life, an American life. These are smart, evocative poems that invite the heart and prime the head to reconcile the intricacies of our individual lives with the history that has brought us all to this moment in America. Leyva is an assistant professor in the University of Baltimore’s Klein Family School of Communications.

The 2020 Fiction Prize-winner Adam Schwartz's The Rest of the World tells the story of kids coming of age in a Baltimore that owes them better. They are studies of characters in crisis delivered by a writer whose empathies illuminate the longings of teens and young adults forced to navigate complex moral choices. These characters betray one another, seek redemption, rescue loved ones, plot hustles, and refuse to give up on themselves or each other. Schwartz has an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. For 22 years, he has taught high school in Baltimore City.

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