Meet Kristen R. Ghodsee

  • November 12, 2018

The author of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism comes to DC on Thurs., Nov. 15th, at 7PM!

Meet Kristen R. Ghodsee

Expanding on her August 12, 2017, New York Times op-ed, Ghodsee looks at all facets of American women’s lives—relationships, parenting, work, politics — showing how each is harmed by unregulated capitalism and how a socialist model could improve the situation. A skilled ethnographer and professor of Russian and East European studies, Ghodsee has spent years studying the impact of the shift from socialism on women. Her witty, engaging, and utterly serious analysis finds that socialism provides better labor conditions, leads to greater economic independence, and improves the work-life balance so many Western women struggle with. As discussion around sexual harassment and assault grows and women turn to Bernie Sanders and new kinds of leader in his wake, Ghodsee shows how adapting socialist ideas can take us all closer to a fair and equal society.

At Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC. Click here for more info.

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