Meet Gary Shteyngart

  • October 7, 2018

The author of Lake Success comes to DC on Tues., Oct. 9th, at 7PM.

Meet Gary Shteyngart

Gary Shteyngart worked his way into readers’ hearts with Super Sad True Love Story, Absurdistan, and Little Failure, books as laugh-out-loud funny as they are moving. Lake Success is another tragicomic triumph, and a spot-on mirror of America’s warped financial culture. Its anti-hero, Barry Cohen, is a hedge fund manager on the run from the SEC and from his failing marriage. Convinced a simpler truth is out there, he embarks on a Greyhound odyssey in search of his first love, while his brilliant wife Seema tries to face reality back in New York. Shteyngart’s satire is better than ever, and his intelligence and empathy shine through every page.

1 ticket - $18
1 ticket and 1 book - $35 / 33 (member price)
2 tickets and 1 book - $48 / 46 (member price)

At Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, 600 I St., NW, Washington, DC. Click here for info.

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