• July 2, 2015

The Independent is now officially a paying market.


It’s something we’ve wanted to do since day one, and it’s finally happening. The Independent is thrilled to announce that we’re now able to pay our contributors! (It’s only $25 a pop, so don’t quit your day job. But still…)

“We’re so grateful to our outstanding reviewers for staying with us while we found our audience and financial support, and we’re delighted to be starting this new chapter in our story,” says David O. Stewart, the Independent’s president.

Most of us here are writers, too, and we’ve always cringed at asking fellow writers to work for free. We’re so glad we no longer have to do that.

Of course, we know nobody will get rich working for us, but that’s not the point. The point is that good writing matters. It has value. And the people who create it deserve to be compensated.

Now they will be.

Click here to view the Independent’s submission guidelines.

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