It’s #IreadYA Week

  • May 20, 2014

Start tweeting your genre love!

It’s #IreadYA Week

If you’re a huge fan of young adult (YA) literature, you already know it’s #IreadYA week. If not, you’re probably thinking, “Huh?”

Spearheaded by Scholastic’s This is Teen website, “an online community of readers and young adult book lovers,” #IreadYA week is designed to get devotees to share their love of the genre across social media (hence the hashtag).

So if you’re currently saving up for a John Green tattoo, have a Suzanne Collins shrine in your guestroom, or just named your new parakeet “Veronica Roth,” let the world know about it. That’s the whole point of #IreadYA week, after all!

(But before you dive into tweeting, sharing, and oversharing, click here to see our list of three terrific YA dystopian series, and here to see what YA author Elle Cosimano has been reading lately.)

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