Irshad Manji in Conversation with Latoya Peterson

  • February 26, 2019

The author of Don't Label Me comes to DC on Thurs., Feb. 28th, at 6:30PM!

Irshad Manji in Conversation with Latoya Peterson

A unique conversation about diversity, bigotry, and our common humanity, by the NYT bestselling author, Oprah “Chutzpah” award-winner, and founder of the Moral Courage Project

When she was 14, Irshad Manji was expelled from her religious school for asking too many questions. Now, as one of the foremost voices of reformist Islam, Manji presents a ground-breaking conversation on diversity, identity, power, and global politics that draws on her work with the Moral Courage Project at the University of Southern California and New York University.

In the tradition of Socratic dialogues, Don't Label Me takes inspiration from sources diverse as Audre Lorde, Bruce Lee, and Ben Franklin, as well as a wealth of personal experience with neighbors, students, and strangers. Manji's keen insight parses the difference between respect in politics and respectability politics, ultimately producing a model of civil discourse that establishes room for difference rather than closing it. Manji's message, that diversity of thought is critical to diversity in general, is at once timely and long overdue. Renowned for her engaging lectures, Manji has spoken at universities across the country about her books, Islam, and the Moral Courage Project.

At East City Bookshop, 645 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Washington, DC. Click here for info.

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