Children’s Book Roundup: February 2021

  • February 23, 2021

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: February 2021

The last year has been tough on everyone, including kids. From the canceling of in-person school to the nixing of playdates and vacations, the covid-related losses keep piling up. But one thing hasn’t been lost: the friends we hold dear even when we’re apart. In honor of friendship, here are three new releases from Candlewick that celebrate the pals who brighten our lives.

I Like Trains by Daisy Hirst. The peppy yellow pup loves pushing his choo-choo along toy railroad tracks, sitting inside his cardboard boxcar, and reading about conductors and cabooses. But the neatest thing to do when it comes to trains? Ride in a real one all the way to Grandma’s house! Because who could be more fun to play trains with than her?

Peep and Ducky Sleepover by David Martin (author) and David Walker (illustrator). “It’s sleepover night for Peep and Ducky. Such good friends. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Ducky’s in his pj’s. He’s all ready. Peep’s in his footies, and so is his Teddy.” Is there anything cooler than pillow fights, ghost stories, and pizza with your best buddy? No way. Lucky, lucky, lucky!

The Best Place in the World by Petr Horáček. Hare isn’t convinced his meadow is the greatest place in the world, no matter what his pals say. Sure, it’s beautiful, but there must be somewhere better. So he sets off through lush fields, orchards, and mountains. And…well…they’re terrific, but there’s something missing: his chums. It turns out that they make Hare’s meadow the best place of all!

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