5 Fantastic New Picture Books

  • July 15, 2016

Mercury climbing? Then sit in the shade with your child and share one of these stories!

Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes
By Tim Wynne-Jones (author) and Brian Won (illustrator)
Recommended for ages 4-8
Tigers, spies, and a shifty salesman? They’re all part of Secret Agent Man’s (aka S.A.M.’s) trip to the shoe store. Good thing his mom, Kay (codename: K) has his back — especially when a thunderstorm looms later on!

The Mystery of the Haunted Farm
By Elys Dolan
Recommended for ages 4-8

When Farmer Greg’s barn is overrun by monsters, who’s he gonna call? Ghost-Hunters! Three Pigs Ghost-Hunters, that is. But what happens when the oinkers discover Farmer Greg isn’t what he seems — at least when the full moon rises?

The Big Monster Snorey Book
By Leigh Hodgkinson
Recommended for ages 3-7

Uh-oh! Nora, Jemima, Tony, and all the other huge, colorful, silly creatures are fast asleep. So who’s going to read this book? Oh, wait…it looks like they’re waking up! And like they’re hungry!

Shrunken Treasures: Literary Classics, Short, Sweet, and Silly
By Scott Nash
Recommended for ages 5-8

The Western canon comes alive for the younger set! From a seven-stanza Hamlet to a brilliant two-line Remembrance of Things Past (“I dipped a sweet cake in my tea/And a whole world came back to me”), it’s like Cliff’s Notes meets KinderCare, with terrific (and funny) results!

The Whale
By Ethan Murrow and Vita Murrow
Recommended for ages 4-8

Evocative charcoal drawings — but no words — tell the story of two children who set out to prove that the legendary Great Spotted Whale exists. Imagine their surprise at learning their grandparents did the same half a century earlier…

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