4 Ways to Revive a Dying Book Club

Like so many other things — investing in a timeshare, having a third child — starting a book club seemed like a good idea at first, but things have taken a turn.

4 Ways to Revive a Dying Book Club

Suddenly, instead of preparing for meetings, your club members prepare excuses for why they can’t come this month. Or next month.

Is your club beyond saving?


According to Molly Lundquist, a former college English instructor and founder of LitLovers, a site devoted to reading and book clubs, the best way to revive a foundering club is to break out of your same-old, same-old rut and try something new, such as:

  • Hold a Free-Form Meeting. Instead of assigning a book to read, ask members to come with whatever they’re reading. During the evening, invite everyone to talk a little about what s/he is reading at the moment. See where the conversation takes you.
  • Host a Film Night. Of course the book is better than the movie, but so what? For fun, pick a film based on a book most (if not all) of you have read, and watch it together. Afterward, chat about how it compared to the book.
  • Go on a Field Trip. Is an interesting author coming to town for a reading or book-signing? Attend the event as a group! By doing something literary together, you’ll be reminded of why you joined a book club in the first place — for the camaraderie.
  • Cook the Books. Have a potluck dinner where each member brings a dish inspired by a particular story. True, the gruel from Oliver Twist may not be a hit, but a few decadent chutneys a la Midnight’s Children (or vodka honoring The Master and Margarita) will be.





However you decide to resurrect your book club, says Lundquist, the key is to mix things up a little. Clubs tend to die when they get boring — so don’t give yours a chance to!

LitLovers offers a treasure trove of information covering every aspect of book clubs, from getting started to choosing the perfect title to read next. Log on to find terrific ideas for your club.

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