Book Review

A daughter searches for the truth about her past.

Book Review

Conviction: A Novel

By Julia Dahl

A gripping, worthy addition to the Rebekah Roberts series

Book Review

Since We Fell: A Novel

By Dennis Lehane

A compulsively readable — if formulaic — new thriller from a master of the genre.

Book Review

The Day I Died: A Novel

By Lori Rader-Day

This psychological thriller unravels the mystery of a disappearance and the inner-workings of one woman’s mind.

Book Review

The Ridge: A Novel

By John Rector

A Chicago transplant unearths disturbing secrets about her new suburban community.

Book Review

A Separation: A Novel

By Katie Kitamura

If love is a mystery, divorce is a thriller.

Book Review

The Dark Room

By Jonathan Moore

This second installment of a three-part thriller series will keep you guessing until the very end.

Book Review

The prolific author is back with a new whodunit that's grisly and funny and gets full points for introducing a memorable villain.