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In this year of writing, the author vows to up her game.

Book Review

Gunpowder Moon

By David Pedreira

In the year 2072, will a murder committed on the moon lead to all-out war between America and China?

Book Review

How America Lost Its Secrets

By Edward Jay Epstein

Is the infamous leaker a patriot or pariah? A veteran author tries to untangle the truth.

Book Review

A Nobel laureate offers practical advice for re-imagining the concept of capitalism.

Author Q&A

The daughter of famed intellectual Alan Watts talks about editing her late father's letters.

Book Review

Good Neighbors: A Novel

By Joanne Serling

A tight-knit group of friends must confront unsettling truths about themselves after one couple adopts a child.

Book Review

Release Your Inner Roman

By Jerry Toner

A Cambridge don serves up a tongue-in-cheek guide to classical etiquette.

Book Review

Divided We Stand

By Marjorie J. Spruill

A timely recollection that feels especially charged given the current political climate.

Book Review

The Pulitzer-winning reporter recounts the pitfalls of proffering an opinion.

Book Review

An extraordinarily ordinary woman and the causes she fought for

Book Review

Peach: A Novel

By Emma Glass

This spare tale of rape and redemption packs an outsize punch.