Author Q&A

The author talks relationships, dark humor, and standard deviations.

    Book Review

    The Immortalists: A Novel

    By Chloe Benjamin

    Does knowing the date of your death make a difference in how you live?

    Book Review

    One Station Away: A Novel

    By Olaf Olafsson

    A page-turner whose elusiveness leaves us longing for more.

    Book Review

    Woman at 1,000 Degrees: A Novel

    By Hallgrímur Helgason; translated by‎ Brian FitzGibbon

    An incendiary story of war's long-lasting toll


    Books beneath the Tree

    By Rafael Alvarez

    ...and the lessons they'll lead to in the coming year

    Book Review

    A tender portrayal of the effects of mental illness on a woman and the people who love her.

    Book Review

    Cuba: A Cultural History

    By Alan West-Durán

    A concise and panoramic view of the major players, themes, and products that have shaped the island nation.

    Book Review

    The White Islands

    By Marjorie Agosín; translated by Jacqueline Nanfito

    One of Chile’s most celebrated poets captures the voice and soul of Sephardic women.

    Book Review

    George Lucas

    By Brian Jay Jones

    This unauthorized biography suggests the film giant’s secret to success is maintaining complete control over every project.


    Bookstores: The Heart of Main Street

    By John Adam Wasowicz

    How indies along the East Coast are transforming downtowns

    Washington, DC

    Learn insider secrets during our upcoming workshop!