Book Review

Echoes of Valhalla: The Afterlife of the Eddas and Sagas

By Jon Karl Helgason; translated by Jane Appleton

A look at how Norse mythology is being re-imagined for the modern world.

Book Review

Everybody’s Son: A Novel

By Thrity Umrigar

The past comes back to haunt a biracial man adopted into a prominent white family.

Poetry Review

Plato’s Symposium and the philosophical search for love

Book Review

The comedian sets out on a hilarious quest to find joy.

Beyond The Book

A peek inside one of the most exciting writing contests around.

Book Review

The Shark Club: A Novel

By Ann Kidd Taylor

This charming beach read delivers a memorable 6-year-old protagonist and less-than-memorable supporting characters.


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Author Q&A

The playwright’s debut novel, Al-Tounsi, explores just how much Supreme Court justices’ personal lives influence their legal rulings.

Book Review

An intelligent account of a little-known political battle in the years leading up to the Civil War

Book Review

Miss Portland: A Novel

By David Ebenbach

A thirty-something woman with mental-health issues tries everything to find inner peace.

Book Review

This marvel of a book reveals an ancient man-animal relationship in all its complexities.