Heather Banks

Heather Banks moved to the DC area in 1971 to continue doctoral studies in modern English literature at the University of Maryland. Previously, she lived in Nebraska and suburban Boston. A graduate of Oberlin College, she holds graduate degrees in English, art, and education and continued graduate studies in art and religion at Wesley Theological Seminary. She is a published poet and has given readings at numerous venues in DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and regional association meetings in Tennessee and Kentucky. She taught English for 12 years—at a Massachusetts high school; Tunghai University, Taiwan; Montgomery College; and Howard University. Her career also includes writing/editing at the Smithsonian, NIH, the American Physiological Society, nonprofit organizations, and American Institutes for Research. Now semi-retired as an editor, she tutors for the Literacy Council and fits in time for writing, museums, and travel—including visiting her son, a police officer in Virginia.

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Book Review

By Amy Chua

This new book - Mommie Dearest with Chinese subtitles - has caused an uproar.