Washington Writers Conference 2015

Books Alive! 2015


The Washington Independent Review of Books Annual Conference

The Washington Writers Conference, which takes place Saturday, April 25, 2015, at the Bethesda Marriott at Pook's Hill in Bethesda, Md., offers a full day of insightful conversations and panels with professional writers, agents, and publishers, along with an opportunity for aspiring authors to present their projects to an agent during face-to-face, one-on-one pitch sessions.

The DC literary community is as vibrant as ever, and the Independent is quickly becoming the online salon for the community. This year's Washington Writers Conference features John Feinstein making the keynote speech at lunch. We'll be giving a Lifetime Achievement Award to poet/playwright Grace Cavalieri, who will also host a poetry panel. And you won't want to miss Kirstin Downey, Kitty Kelley, Michel Martin, Linda Lear, Ruben Castaneda, Maud Casey, James McGrath Morris, and so many others. Tell your friends! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity! See you there!  

Find the full schedule of events here.

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