CNN Panel with Brian Stelter

  • December 7, 2016

Discuss the recent presidential election this Thurs., Dec. 8th, at 4PM.

CNN Panel with Brian Stelter

"Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything." In this past year we have witnessed a change in the way campaigns and elections are run in America. With two very polarizing candidates and countless scandals, the electorate struggled to find ease with a decision of vital importance to the direction of the nation. Now that the people have spoken, resulting in an unexpected victory for Donald Trump, Americans are left to consider the election in all its unprecedented and historical significance and what it will mean for American democracy and elections to come. In the first-ever book from CNN Politics, journalists, commentators and photographers from the CNN staff take a look at the 2016 election from beginning to end. Join correspondent Brian Stelter and CNN contributors Amanda Carpenter and Patti Solis Doyle for discussion and reflection on the completion of an American election that has been like no other.

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