Children’s Book Roundup: September 2022

  • September 12, 2022

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: September 2022

Lupe Lopez: Rock Star Rules! by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo and Pat Zietlow Miller (authors) and Joe Cepeda (illustrator) (Candlewick Press). “Lupe Lopez had big plans for the first day of kindergarten. She’d practiced drumming all summer. And now, she was a real-life, Texas-size rock star. As anyone could see. She strutted through the doors of Hector P. Garcia Elementary School…” and quickly discovered even rockers need to follow the rules in Ms. Quintanilla’s class. (Most of the time, at least.)

Brown Is Warm, Black Is Bright by Sarah L. Thomson (author) and Keith Mallett (illustrator) (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers). “Brown is crisp…crunch and crackle, catch me as I fall. Black is splash…Spray! Splatter! to send a puddle flying.” The small girl leaps in the leaves, gazes at the dark sky, and marvels at the stunning autumn palette all around her — one that celebrates the coziness and beauty of two particular colors that don’t get their due often enough!

The Blanket Where Violet Sits by Allan Wolf (author) and Lauren Tobia (illustrator) (Candlewick Press). “This is the blanket where Violet sits, eating a sandwich, and apple, and chips.” But zoom out past the trees, the park, the city, the country, the continent, and even the atmosphere, and Violet becomes just one tiny blip in an enormous, magical universe. And who knows? “There might be a Violet out there, looking back at our own little galaxy spiraling white…”

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