Children’s Book Roundup: October 2023

  • October 16, 2023

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: October 2023

Ten-Word Tiny Tales: To Inspire and Unsettle by Joseph Coelho and 21 Artist Friends (Candlewick). “The audience dances in rapture, but we haven’t started playing.” “The Venus flytrap keeps edging closer to Grandma’s favorite chair.” “We buried her on Wednesday, again on Thursday, and Friday.” These provocative fragments from the U.K.’s Children’s Laureate are delightfully creepy in and of themselves, but they’re even better as catalysts for your child’s own wildly inventive stories!

Meowl-o-Ween by Diane Muldrow (author) and Tiffany Chen (illustrator) (Astra Young Readers). “When the moon’s a golden ball of yarn shining bright against the barn, and the crisp air makes us hurry-scurry, chasing after leaves a-flurry…Meow-y zowie! Tonight’s the night we cats appear — an eerie sight.” But not too eerie, which makes this playful, feline-filled Halloween tale ideal for the smallest trick-or-treaters and the scarediest of scaredy cats.

Vlad, the Fabulous Vampire by Flavia Z. Drago (Candlewick). “Deep in the Dark Woods, in an ancient shadowy castle, there once lived a stylish vampire — Vladislav Varnaby Roland Dragul, the fourth of his name.” Young Vlad may dress all in black like his fellow bloodsuckers, but he’s covering something up with his cape: vividly rosy cheeks! What happens when he decides he can no longer hide who he is? Will his monstrous friends love and accept him despite his pinkness? Of course they will!

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