Children’s Book Roundup: June 2023

  • June 12, 2023

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: June 2023

Sora’s Seashells by Helena Ku Rhee (author) and Stella Lim and Ji-Hyuk Kim (illustrators) (Candlewick). “Sora’s grandmother, Halmoni, visited from far away every summer. The day after she arrived, they took the bus to the beach, where they combed the shore for seashells together.” Neither realizes that this will be the last time. A few weeks later, when kindergarten starts, the other kids tease Sora about her unusual name. (Is she sure it’s not Sara?) Will the young girl be brave enough to explain that sora means “seashell” in Korean, and that her beloved late Halmoni named her that because she was a gift — “just like a perfect shell”?

Papá’s Magical Water-Jug Clock by Jesús Trejo (author) and Eliza Kinkz (illustrator) (Minerva). It’s finally Saturday, and little Jesús can’t wait to help his gardener father at work today! “In the kitchen, I fill Papá’s big water jug. ‘You know, Jesús, this is no ordinary water jug,’ Papá says. ‘It’s also a magical clock. It tells us how much work is left to do! When the jug is empty, that means, time to go home!’” It’s going to be a hot, tiring day on the job, but as long as he’s with his dad — and has that “magical” jug — Jesús doesn’t mind!

We Are Going to Be Pals! by Mark Teague (Beach Lane Books). “Hello! I was watching you from that tree up there,” says the wee white bird as it lands on the huge, grey rhino’s nose. “Who am I? I am an egret. A cattle egret. I ride around on fellows like you. You will have no egrets about that. Ha-ha. That is a small joke.” Okay, so the friendship isn’t getting off to the best start. Soon, though, the rhino will come to understand that it’s good to have a birdy buddy — and the egret will discover why rhinos make pretty great friends, too!

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