Children’s Book Roundup: April 2024

  • April 15, 2024

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: April 2024

Next Level: A Hymn in Gratitude for Neurodiversity by Samara Cole Doyon (author) and Kaylani Juanita (illustrator) (Tilbury House). “You may not speak with their words or look into their eyes. May never sit still, may not sing in soft sighs. So they think you can’t see what they’re not trying to hide, as they shake their heads sadly, look sideways, and sigh.” But the mother knows that her child, who has autism, sees and hears and experiences the world around him. He just does it differently than most, and that’s okay!

Being Home by Traci Sorell (author) and Michaela Goade (illustrator) (Kokila). Moving day is finally here! And although the young Cherokee girl will miss her house in the city — the only home she’s ever known — she’s excited for the adventure to come as she and her mother drive and drive and drive back to the land her family has long lived upon. “Etsi says we’re on a new path. One that leads us to our ancestors’ land and to our people,” she explains. “I’m ready.”

Keep Up, Duck! by Ivan and Rachel Bates (Candlewick Press). “Mamma Duck and all her ducklings were swimming to the lily pond. There goes Mamma, right at the front. And look! There’s little Puck, swimming at the back.” But don’t worry! The clever dawdler is soon hitching rides from everyone — and everything — around him to get to where his mom and siblings are going. In fact, Puck might just beat them there!

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