Children’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

  • December 19, 2014

Need a last-minute present for the literary tots in your life? Check out these 10 titles. They’re very different from one another, but they’re all interesting. Just like kids!

Children’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Once a Shepherd
By Glenda Millard (author) and Phil Lesnie (illustrator)
Candlewick, ages 4-8
Beautiful and haunting in its simplicity, this book chronicles the pain of the Great War and the resilience of the human spirit in just a few short pages.


Sam & Dave Dig a Hole
By Mac Barnett (author) and Jon Klassen (illustrator)
Candlewick, ages 4-8
Their canteen of chocolate milk may have run dry, but that doesn’t stop the two intrepid diggers — and their bone-hunting dog — from seeing just how far down they can go.


Benny and Penny in Lost and Found!
By Geoffrey Hayes
Toon Books, ages 4-8
Mice siblings set off in the woods to find a missing pirate hat, but what happens when they get lost? Find out in this playful graphic novel.


By Sally Sutton (author) and Brian Lovelock (illustrator)
Candlewick, ages 3-7
“Build the frame. Build the frame. Hammer all day long. Make the stairs and floors and walls. Bing! Bang! Bong!” The rhymes are as bold as the pictures in this fun exploration of a muddy, loud worksite.


By Tom Clohosy Cole
Templar Books, ages 4-8
Dark, brooding illustrations and spare text convey the reality of a family divided by the Berlin Wall. It’s a small glimpse of history, but it packs a big punch.


The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland
By Jan Pieńkowski and David Walser
Candlewick, ages 7-9
Stories from “The Kraków Dragon” to “The Fern Flower” bring Polish legends vividly to life. The stunning woodcuts only add to the magic.


X-Why-Z Animals
By Mark Shulman and James Buckley Jr.
TIME for Kids, ages 3-6
Why do cats need whiskers? Why do fish have gills? Look here for the answers — or just look at the splashy, page-spanning photographs!


Shh! We Have a Plan
By Chris Haughton
Candlewick, ages 3-7
The four hapless friends are off to catch a bird…until the bird catches them! But don’t worry — they know what they’re doing. Or do they? Adorable illustrations round out the silliness.


The World of Mamoko in the Time of Dragons
By Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński
Big Picture Books, ages 5-8
Meet the cast of characters — from Minstrel Moo to Robin Hoof — and then make up a story about them based on the oversized, packed-with-artwork, wordless pages that follow.


Is There a Dog in This Book?
By Viviane Schwarz
Candlewick, ages 3-7
Did the three nervous cats just hear a woof? Are those chew marks? There’s no pooch in here, is there? Lift the flaps to find out!

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