5 Middle-Grade Books Perfect for Summer

  • By Mary Daisey Shockley
  • June 16, 2017

Curl up with your child and enjoy these warm-weather reads together!

5 Middle-Grade Books Perfect for Summer

Judy Moody and Friends: April Fools’, Mr. Todd!
By Megan McDonald (author) and Erwin Madrid (illustrator)
Recommended for ages 5-9
Judy can’t wait for April 1st. Not only is it April Fools’ Day, but it’s also her birthday! She’s thinking hard about ways to prank her teacher, Mr. Todd, on the big day. But what happens if he pranks her in return?

Yvain: The Knight of the Lion
By M.T. Anderson (author) and Andrea Offermann (illustrator)
Recommended for ages 12+
The ancient tale of Yvain is brought to life for a new generation in graphic-novel format. It tells the story of a brave knight who fights battles with his loyal lion by his side. 

Lucky Broken Girl
By Ruth Behar
Recommended for ages 10-14
Ruthie is a 10-year-old lucky, broken girl. Lucky because she survives a horrible car accident; broken because she ends up spending a year bedridden and in a body cast. This story is based on the author’s own experience as a child.

Double or Nothing with the Two and Only Kelly Twins
By Johanna Hurwitz (author) and Tuesday Mourning (illustrator)
Recommended for ages 6-9
This is a great beginner chapter book featuring adorable second-grade identical twins, Arlene and Ilene. See if you can tell them apart while at school and having sleepovers with their friends!

Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants
By Stephan Pastis
Recommended for ages 8-12
Timmy is vacationing in Key West with his family. His mother drags him to tour Ernest Hemingway’s home, and that’s when the trouble starts. One of the estate’s famed six-toed cats makes off with Timmy’s pants, and the boy embarks on a mission to capture the feline culprit.

Mary Daisey Shockley is an avid reader who spends her free time with her family on the coast of Delaware. You can find more of her thoughts on books and life here.

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