5 Cool Kids’ Books for Junior Fact-Finders

  • September 5, 2014

Does your budding bookworm prefer a little non with her fiction? Share a couple of these factoid-filled new titles with her!

5 Cool Kids’ Books for Junior Fact-Finders

Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes

Nicola Davies (author) and Emily Sutton (illustrator)
Candlewick Press
Recommended for ages 6-10

With clear, simple wording and jazzy illustrations, this engaging tale explains the world of “wee beasties” in an entertaining way that even the youngest biologists-to-be can grasp. 

TIME for Kids Explorers: Robots

Mark Shulman and James Buckley Jr.
TIME for Kids
Recommended for ages 8 and up

Forget the zombie apocalypse; robots are where it’s at! Overflowing with full-color photos and not-too-long blurbs, this is a great choice for visual learners who panic at the sight of text-heavy tomes.

The History of Money

Martin Jenkins (author) and Satoshi Kitamura (illustrator)
Candlewick Press
Recommended for ages 9-12

Info-packed but surprisingly punchy and irreverent — with silly cartoons throughout — this history of currency will give youngsters a whole new appreciation for nickels and dimes.


Katie Scott and Jenny Broom
Big Picture Press
Recommended for ages 8-12

Some oversized books’ hugeness is a gimmick. Not this one. Rich with lovely illustrations and detailed — though concise — text, the too-tall-for-your-shelf Animalium is a feast for the eyes. Think of it as a coffee-table book for kids.

Stand There! She Shouted

Susan Goldman Rubin (author) and Bagram Ibatoulline (illustrator)
Candlewick Press
Recommended for ages 8-12

Victorian-era photographer Julia Margaret Cameron was a trailblazer both behind and in front of the lens. This kid-friendly biography uses descriptive language, detailed drawings, and period photos to bring the artsy innovator to life. 


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