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Ivy Kids Saturday: Rain Forest Animal Masks

Location 5928 Falls Road Baltimore, MD 21209
Date Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Duration   1 hours
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On May 11th from 9-10 am, an exciting event called "Ivy Kids Saturday: Rain Forest Animal Masks" will take place, offering children a fun and creative opportunity to make colorful masks inspired by the vibrant wildlife of the Amazon rainforest. Participants will have the chance to craft masks resembling tropical birds, monkeys, jaguars, and frogs, using markers, crayons, and other art supplies. Once the masks are complete, the children can wear them and engage in imaginative play, acting out the behaviors and characteristics of their favorite rainforest animals. This engaging activity not only fosters creativity and artistic expression but also serves as a delightful introduction to the wonders of the Amazon rainforest and its diverse array of species. Children will learn about the importance of preserving these precious ecosystems while having a hands-on experience that sparks their curiosity and appreciation for nature. Adding to the excitement of the event is the presence of renowned children's author Laura Resau, whose recent book, "Stand as Tall as the Trees: How an Amazonian Community Protected the Rain Forest" (co-authored with Patricia Gualinga), tells an inspiring true story about an activist's efforts to protect the sacred lands and forests of the Amazon in collaboration with Indigenous communities. Resau's participation promises to enrich the experience, offering insights and stories that will captivate young minds and instill a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. With its blend of creativity, education, and environmental awareness, "Ivy Kids Saturday: Rain Forest Animal Masks" promises to be a delightful and enriching experience for children and their families. It's an opportunity to explore the wonders of the rainforest, foster artistic expression, and learn about the importance of preserving these vital ecosystems for future generations.

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