Meet Tom Glenn

  • January 5, 2016

The author comes to Baltimore this Wed., Jan. 6th, at 6:30PM

Meet Tom Glenn

In Tom Glenn's new novel, The Trion Syndrome, German professor Dave Bell is haunted by a half-remembered clandestine mission in Vietnam and the myth of Trion, the Greek demigod. Dave discovers an unpublished novella by Thomas Mann based on the Trion myth and believes he sees himself. Friendless, Dave is betrayed by his colleagues and accused of sexual harassment. He loses his job, his wife divorces him, and his children refuse to see him. At his lowest point, his suppressed memory of what happened in Vietnam resurfaces.

Glenn has worked as an intelligence operative, a musician, a linguist, a cryptologist, and a government executive. He is a frequent contributor to the Independent and is the author of two previous novels, Friendly Casualties and No-Accounts.

At the Enoch Pratt Free Library, 400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD. Click here for details.

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