Meet Nicole Kelleher

  • May 21, 2017

The author of The Queen's Dance comes to Arlington on Tues., May 23rd, at 7PM.

Meet Nicole Kelleher

Join us in welcoming local author Nicole Kelleher as she launches The Queen's Dance, Book Two in the Aurelian Guard series!

Cathmara, at the northern tip of the Aurelian Territory, produces strong men who make for great warriors. Trian is one such man. But he is helpless against the customs that pressure him to wed, and even more helpless against the natural charms of Claire, a proud daughter from the destroyed house of Chevring. Claire has no interest in exercising her feminine wiles on Trian, or any man for that matter. She focuses on restoring the good standing of her homeland, through its proud tradition of breeding warhorses.

The two fall into easy attraction, as Trian teaches Claire the techniques he has learned as a soldier, and she teaches him ways of communing with nature and horses. They are ambushed, though, and in fighting for her safety, Trian is beaten nearly to death, and Claire is kidnapped.

To return home, Claire will need to cross the most treacherous parts of the kingdom, from the merciless desert to cities where spies listen to every whisper. She must ally herself with the women from the Temple of the Fenrhi, a society at war with itself, but possessing powers beyond what Claire comprehends, until she too realizes that her powers reach much further, making her a valuable, and dangerous, weapon.

Battles do not stop for lovers, and war is brewing in Aurelia. If she will ever see Trian again, Claire will have to overcome the most dangerous challenge of her life. To save a kingdom, though, Claire may have to sacrifice her heart.

At One More Page Books, 2200 N. Westmoreland St., Arlington, VA. Click here for info.

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