Meet Judge Diane Kiesel

  • February 27, 2016

This Black History Month Author Event happens Mon., Feb. 29th, at 3PM, in Arlington, VA

Judge Kiesel will discuss her book, She Can Bring Us Home, which tells the extraordinary story of Dr. Dorothy Ferebee, civil rights and public health leader. During the Great Depression and at a time when blacks faced Jim Crow segregation, Ferebee was the media darling of the then-thriving African American press. Ferebee, a native of Norfolk, was sought after to advise presidents and Congress on civil rights matters and to assist foreign governments on public health issues. She was a household name in black America for 40 years. Judge Kiesel is currently an Acting Supreme Court Justice on the New York State Trial Court. She is also the author of Domestic Violence: Law, Policy, and Practice.

At the Arlington Central Library, 1015 N Quincy St., Arlington, VA. Click here for more info.

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