Children’s Book Roundup: November 2019

  • By Marlene England
  • November 18, 2019

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: November 2019

Animals take center stage for this roundup of children’s books, starting with Anxious Charlie to the Rescue, written and illustrated by Terry Milne (Candlewick). Charlie (who’s as adorable as he is anxious) follows the same routine every day, fearful that any change will have terrible results. But a friend in need — and the clever use of a feather — shows Charlie that change isn’t so bad after all.

Next up is Mr. Scruff, with words and pictures by Simon James (Candlewick). In this story, each dog has found its perfect match — Vinnie with Winnie, Polly with Molly, and so forth. But who belongs with Mr. Scruff, one of the oldest, biggest dogs at the shelter? Children will enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of this canine-centric picture book.

Author Meg McKinlay and illustrator Nathaniel Eckstrom deliver a delightful tale of farmyard disaster in DUCK! (Candlewick). What the other animals perceive to be case after case of mistaken identity is really Duck saying, “Duck!” when “Run!” would have been a much better word choice. A fun read-aloud with a subtle message not to be so quick to jump to conclusions.

From its flora-patterned endpapers to its vivid illustrations, Melissa Castrillón’s Animazes: Extraordinary Animal Migrations (Big Picture Press) will amaze readers of all ages. Trace the migration patterns of wildebeests, monarch butterflies, reindeer, hummingbirds, and other unusual creatures from around the world. Each section is studded with fascinating facts about the animals’ habitats, family structures, diets, and roles in their ecosystems.

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