Children’s Book Roundup: May 2022

  • May 9, 2022

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: May 2022

The Boy with Flowers in His Hair by Jarvis (Candlewick Press). “His name is David. He’s the boy with flowers in his hair, and he’s my best friend…He’s sweet and gentle. Just like his petals.” David is also fully accepted by the other kids in his class. So when — oh, no! — his beautiful blossoms start dropping to the ground? Everyone jumps in to help. After all, pals don’t judge us for our differences; they love us for them.

A Gift for Nana by Lane Smith (Random House Studio). “It was not his Nana’s birthday. It was not even a major hare holiday. But Rabbit wanted to give his Nana a gift anyway.” It turns out, everyone from the crow and the fish to the full moon itself has a suggestion about what the thoughtful young bunny should get for his grandma. But when it comes to figuring out the perfect present, the wee adventurer will need to discover it on his own!

Everywhere with You by Carlie Sorosiak (author) and Devon Holzwarth (illustrator) (Walker Books US). “Here are two houses. And that’s a fence between them.” On one side sits a lonely little dog who’s always kept outdoors. On the other, a friendly little girl with no pet of her own. Day after day, she sneaks up to the fence to offer the pup a cracker, a pat on the nose, and (best of all) magical, wonderful stories read aloud! He’s so sad every time she leaves. If only there were some way he could go home with her…

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