Children’s Book Roundup: June 2022

  • June 20, 2022

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: June 2022

Nervous Nigel by Bethany Christou (Templar Books). “Nigel’s mom was the fastest swimmer in crocodile history. His sister Summer could win marathons with her eyes shut. Nigel’s other sister, Bonnie, was the first crocodile to get a perfect diving score…and his brother, Ralf, was captain of the water polo team.” Naturally, Nigel’s family expects him to become a champion, too. But what if the young crocodile doesn’t want to compete? Can he be “the best” at something that doesn’t involve winners or losers at all? Of course!

I Am a Baby by Bob Shea (Candlewick Press). “I am a baby and I am not sleepy. I am not sleepy because I am a baby. Mommy is sleepy. Mommy is sleepy because I am a baby. Daddy is grumbling. Daddy is grumbling because I am a baby. Kitty is hiding. Kitty is hiding because I am a baby.” Everything, in fact, that happens in the adorable infant’s life happens because he is a baby. Sleep-deprived parents everywhere will identify with this surprisingly funny tale — even as they struggle to keep their eyes open all the way through it.

Poppy’s House by Karla Courtney (author) and Madeline Kloepper (illustrator) (Walker Books US). “Sometimes I like to go to the island. It’s far beyond the end of the road and across the foggy sea…past icy mountains and boats with loud horns and humpback whales swimming with the waves…past wild forests and painted houses and docks piled with traps and dories.” And when the girl finally reaches her grandfather’s isolated Newfoundland home? The two fall into an affectionate routine of chores, exploring, and marveling at the peaceful simplicity of island life.

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