Children’s Book Roundup: July 2021

  • July 26, 2021

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: July 2021

The three books below make something clear: Tiny beings can do mighty things! From embodying the power of friendship to embarking on cover-of-darkness escapades or just mastering new skills, there’s no limit to what the wee-est among us can accomplish!

Lala's Words: A Story of Planting Kindness by Gracey Zhang (Scholastic). “Hot, hot, hot. The sidewalks steamed and the sun hung heavy in the sky. Everyone was still. Lala was not.” Instead, the young girl is busy carrying a pail of water across the sweltering city to pour on the little plants sprouting in sidewalk cracks. “Hello, hello friends,” she coos. “You are stripy and lovely. Grow strong and tall, my friends.” They will — as much from her love as from the cool drink she brings them!

Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter by Jamie Michalak (author) and Kelly Murphy (illustrator) (Candlewick). “In the great, big city, in the great, big museum, a clock tick-tocks past midnight. Doors are locked. Guards keep watch. All is still, until…a small figure creeps out of the shadows!” It’s Dakota the mouse! He may be pint-sized, but he’s got huge plans to navigate his way through the museum! And there are so many treasures to see — from a diamond and candy corn to a matchstick and mushroom. Didn’t spot them the first time? Turn back through the pages and look again!

T. Rexes Can't Tie Their Shoes by Anna Lazowski (author) and Steph Laberis (illustrator) (Doubleday Books for Young Readers). “If you’re still a bit small, it is no fun at all when you can’t reach a shelf or get dressed by yourself. But you’re not alone! My dear friend, it is true: Some things are hard — for animals too!” From bees (not) riding bikes to cheetahs (not) chewing bubble gum, all kinds of things are even tougher for critters than they are for rookie humans. (Including learning the ABCs, which is what budding bookworms will be doing here!)  

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