Children’s Book Roundup: February 2023

  • February 13, 2023

Big new titles perfect for the littles.

Children’s Book Roundup: February 2023

Together with You by Patricia Toht (author) and Jarvis (illustrator) (Candlewick). “I fasten the snaps of my yellow raincoat. You slip on your green mackintosh. My feet will stay dry in these polka-dot boots. You tug on each rubber galosh.” The springtime afternoon may be rainy and grey, but the grandmother and her wee grandson are prepared — just like they’ll be for the scorching summer, the blustery fall, and the freezing winter. As long as they’re together, the two are happy to explore in all kinds of weather!

First Valentine by Kallie George (author) and Joelle Murray (illustrator) (Cartwheel Books). “Little friend, first valentine. A heart will be the best design. Little friend snips to start, sure to make a perfect…CIRCLE? Little friend thinks, ‘It’s okay.’ Tries again, another way.” Well, nobody ever said cutting out a heart for your inaugural homemade Valentine’s Day card would be easy. But the small boy — with moral support from his loyal pooch — is determined to get it right no matter how many other shapes he has to go through first!

I Love You Like by Ralph Lazar (author) and Lisa Swerling (illustrator) (Chronicle Books). How many ways can you love somebody? There are too many to count, but here’s a start: “I love you like a pirate loves an X, like a witch loves a hex, and like a muscle loves to flex.” Silly drawings make the funny comparisons even funnier — and make this one a good read-aloud choice for the youngest valentines out there.

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