But *How* Do You Write a Killer Book Proposal?

  • January 5, 2018

Learn insider secrets during our upcoming workshop!

But *How* Do You Write a Killer Book Proposal?

You’ve got a great idea for a nonfiction book, but how the heck do you write the proposal without a finished manuscript?

We’re glad you asked!

During our $79 half-day workshop, Writing a Killer Nonfiction-Book Proposal, you’ll learn the answer to that and other vital questions from industry insiders who know, including:

  • Deborah Grosvenor. The DC-based literary agent has represented heavyweight nonfiction writers from Eleanor Clift, Morton Kondracke, Thomas Oliphant, and Henry Allen to Thomas Fleming, Willard Randall, Peter Cozzens, and Meg Noonan.  

Don’t miss your chance to hear from pros like Grosvenor on Sat., Feb. 3rd, from 9AM-noon, at the Garrett Park Town Hall, 10814 Kenilworth Ave., Garrett Park, MD. Click HERE to register now!

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