A Message from Our Chair

  • By AA Bastian
  • December 30, 2019

We hope you'll join us at the 2020 Washington Writers Conference!

A Message from Our Chair

Dear Writers and Writers at Heart,

Before you firm up any New Year’s resolutions, and before our pricing goes up on January 1st, I’d like to once again invite you to our Washington Writers Conference on May 8-9, 2020.

We want your unique voice to one day become that worn book in someone’s hands, the one they hide under a blanket or stay up all night to finish. They may consider its characters closer friends than their real ones. Your chapter may lead them to try something new.

Reading your book on the Metro or on a break at work, they might brush back a tear or suppress a giggle they’ll have to explain later. They might be shocked. Or, turning your last page, they might change their mind on a topic. Your book could become a movie with endless sequels.

But all of this can only happen if it gets published.

We want to connect you to the people who will become your feedback group, who will professionally edit your work, become your agent, your publicist, or your publisher. If you already have those people in your life, we want to stimulate the conversation with hot topics, find people who know how to hone your craft, provide an opportunity for you to chat with new friends, and get excited about your book project.

Our conference committee is all volunteer. We’re writers with a passion for supporting fellow writers and helping publish great books.

I like our location this year for this effort. We’ve expanded to upstairs and downstairs at the Bethesda North Marriott, with the ideal windows, nooks, and crannies to inspire you on your path. The nearby Pike & Rose shops and restaurants aren’t bad, either.

To register for the 2020 Washington Writers Conference, click HERE. And welcome!

With Warm Regards,

Audrey Bastian

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