7 Reasons to Attend the Writing Intensive at St. John’s College

  • By Laura Oliver
  • May 30, 2018

The annual event happens next Saturday!

7 Reasons to Attend the Writing Intensive at St. John’s College

On Saturday, June 9th, the fourth annual Writing Intensive at St. John’s College will give attendees many sources of inspiration. Why should you go?

  1. A writing conference like the Intensive is a one-day event where you can choose from a menu of topics and learn from other well-published, critically acclaimed, commercially successful authors and professors.
  2. It’s like reading an anthology instead of reading the work of just one author. You’re simultaneously exposed to many experts and topics in just one day.
  3. You have the advantage of meeting and socializing with other writers who can provide you with a wealth of information — techniques they use to write, places they’ve published where you might like to submit as well, great books on craft, invitations to join on-going writing groups, plus empathy and encouragement.
  4. You’ll get your questions answered during the lunchtime Q&A session with presenters.
  5. You will have the opportunity to connect with presenters and attendees at the wine reception.
  6. You’ll be exposed to the best places to submit your work for publication.
  7. You will have the opportunity to buy books and to connect with writers in your area of interest who might like to start a writing group.

You’ll see firsthand that writers are not recluses, not depressed, but mothers and fathers, professionals and retirees from all walks of life. You will be reminded that writers are funny, hardworking, totally normal people who observe life with a keen eye, have an acute self-awareness, and a profound longing to connect with others. We write not to escape the world but to engage it. That’s the truth about writers. Come join us for a remarkable day!

For registration, a complete list of workshops, and presenter bios, click here.

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