6 Things We’re Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for? Here at the Independent, we’re thankful for the following people in our lives who’ve impacted our reading, our writing, or simply our love of books. Today and every day, we’re in their debt.

6 Things We’re Thankful For
  • My literary angels are my colleagues in our critique group. All of us are first-time authors writing nonfiction books, and for "first readers," I can't imagine a group more conscientious and thoughtful in their manuscript reviews. It's never easy finding a compatible group — for anything! — that's really dedicated, so I feel blessed to have found these like-minded writers with whom I've gathered monthly for four years. ~Diana Parsell
  • I am most thankful for author Alexandra Fuller (Don't Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness) for pushing the boundaries in writing about her family, for her boldness in asking controversial cultural questions, and for her inspiring storytelling and biting wit. She is one of the finest, most underrated writers and cultural commentators of today. ~Shanna Wilson
  • Readers. The people who take time out of their day to sit down with a bunch of words and imagine a new world, inhabit a compelling character, or simply learn. Readers give me faith in humanity's patience, imagination, and depth. Thank you, people of the book(s)! ~Carrie Callaghan
  • I’m grateful for writer Toni Morrison, whose book Paradise transfixed me and made me unable to move until it was finished. A very powerful moment that happened years ago, but one I will always remember. I’m also so grateful to reading in general for giving me time to step out of myself, curl up, slow down, and transport myself to a world far different than mine. ~Jennifer Scrafford
  • I'm grateful for my graduate-school instructor and mentor, Mary Collins. She pushed me incredibly hard, and it paid off. I published every single piece I wrote for her classes. If they made them, I'd be wearing a “WWMD?” bracelet right now. ~Holly Smith
  • I am thankful for my parents and their love of reading and nurturing that love in me. Whether I was asking them to let me have the next Harry Potter shipped straight to our door or reading under the covers past my bedtime, they always supported my love of literature, and continue today to share what they read with me and support my slight bookish obsession. ~Katie Dvorak

Who are you most thankful for, readerly or writerly speaking? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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