5 Books for Your Adventurous Elementary-Schooler

  • By Mary Daisey Shockley
  • November 10, 2014

Keep your thrill-seeking middle-grade reader entertained with these fun, feisty tales!

5 Books for Your Adventurous Elementary-Schooler

  The Princess in Black
   Shannon Hale & Dean Hale (authors) and LeUyen Pham (illustrator)
   Recommended for ages 5-9

  Looking for a princess book that features a strong female character who doesn’t end up in a wedding dress? This is it. Everyone knows princesses don’t wear black — unless you’re Princess Magnolia! She wears a dark costume every time she morphs into a monster-fighting superhero! The disguise helps her keep both identities safe, but for how long?


  Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
  Kate DiCamillo (author) and Chris Van Dusen (illustrator)
  Recommended for ages 5-9

  He already has a lasso and a hat, and he knows how to talk like a cowboy. All Leroy Ninker needs now is a horse. But when he finally gets one, will he be able to follow the rules that come along with it? Read along as charming, quirky Leroy works hard to keep his new beloved sidekick.


Digby O’Day: In the Fast Lane
Shirley Hughes (author) and Clara Vulliamy (illustrator)
Recommended for ages 5-9

Digby and his driving buddy, Percy, enter a car race with their trusty (yet faulty) red convertible. But while they practice patience and kindness along the route, their competitors seem determined to make Digby and Percy eat their dust. It’s a modern take on the classic lesson that slow and steady wins the race.


  The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
   By Liz Pichon
   Recommended for ages 6-10

  This graphic/doodle-infused novel is about fifth-grader Tom Gates, who has three main hobbies: annoying his older sister, Delia; being in a band, temporarily called Dog Zombies; and eating caramel wafers. Unfortunately, these hobbies often get in the way of other important things, like paying attention in school, finishing homework, and behaving well.


  Timmy Failure: We Meet Again
   By Stephan Pastis
   Recommended for ages 6-10

  This is the third book in a series featuring Timmy Failure, a self-proclaimed detective with a polar bear sidekick/personal assistant. Timmy’s imagination runs wild throughout the book as he hunts to find the Scrum Bolo Chihuahua (who hides in the woods, ready to eat children). All this heavy investigative work understandably gets in the way of Timmy’s schoolwork and his ability to follow Mom’s house rules.

Mary Daisey Shockley is a marketing professional and avid reader who spends her free time with her family on the coast of Delaware. You can find more of her thoughts on books and life by clicking here.

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