Dane Kennedy

Dane Kennedy is the Elmer Louis Kayser Professor of History and International Affairs at George Washington University. He teaches courses in British, British imperial, and world history. His publications include The Highly Civilized Man: Richard Burton and the Victorian World (2005), Britain and Empire, 1880-1945 (2002), The Magic Mountains: Hill Stations and the British Raj (1996), and Islands of White: Settler Society and Culture in Kenya and Southern Rhodesia, 1890-1939 (1987). He was a Guggenheim fellow in 2003-4 and is currently a fellow at the National Humanities Center, where he is writing a book about British exploration in Africa and Australia in the nineteenth century.

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Book Review

The Longest Afternoon: The 400 Men Who Decided the Battle of Waterloo

This tight, vivid account brings the reader into the heart of the epic conflict.


Tim Jeal Responds to Review of Explorers of the Nile…

...and Dane Kennedy, author of the review, replies to Jeal. Now also includes final response from Tim Jeal (2/2/12).

Book Review

Emma Rothschild

The Inner Life of Empires

The fortunes of a large Scottish family illustrate the material opportunities and moral challenges that arose from Britain’s expansion of empire.

Book Review

Joseph Lelyveld

Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi

From experiences in South Africa came a new vision for Indian society and culture.