Michael Kingsley

Michael Condit Kingsley is a part-time professional photographer with eclectic interests.  He has a BA degree in Psychology from American University, an MA degree in National Security and Strategy from the U.S. Naval War College, and is a graduate from the professional photography program at Washington School of Photography.  In addition to his formal education and photography, he currently works as a strategic planner in the federal sector.  He has been a student of wisdom teachings, including indigenous peoples teachings, religion, philosophy and human history.  His love of people is reflected in his photography - he attempts to capture the aesthetic qualities he sees in each of his subjects - the qualities expressed in all of the human emotions.  He loves to teach and share his life’s understandings.  He and his wife have lived in Virginia, Louisiana, California and Rhode Island.  His photos and writings have been published on the web and in local printed media.  One of his favorite sayings is, “Understanding is limited by our beliefs.”