Linda Lear

Linda Lear is a political and environmental biographer intrigued by how the lives of artists and writers have been influenced by the natural world. She is the author of the prize-winning biographies Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature (1997,2009) and Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature, 2007. A long-time academic historian,  she has been writing professionally since 1997.  Please see her website: .  She writes “Telling Lives” at

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How a new children’s book honors Rachel Carson’s life and mission.

Book Review

A sheep farmer's disarming chronicle of life in the fields.

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Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World

By Helen and William Bynum

Exploring the profound — and often unappreciated — importance of flora.

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Letters to a Young Scientist

By Edward O. Wilson

With his distinctive passion and exuberance for knowledge, the author shares his advice to future discovers.

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An insightful account of the scientific innovation and passion that transformed an idea into a modern technological system.

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Franny Moyle

No mere cipher to her philandering husband, the wife of the acclaimed writer was an accomplished woman in her own right.

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Mary Gabriel

A biography of Karl and Jenny Marx –– in many respects an ordinary married couple struggling through emotional and financial hardships yet sustaining a commitment to their ideals and each other.