Book Blanket Bingo

Test your knowledge of DC-area literary festivals and conferences.

Book Blanket Bingo


3: Creatures, Crimes, and __________, or C3, is a multi-genre conference for writers of mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal, etc.

7: DCJCC features ______ literature in October.

9: DC conference for all things comics.

10: This community just north of DC holds its annual festival in April.

11: Sponsored by the Library of Congress, right here in DC.

12: WSFA gives sci-fi and fantasy aficionados a place to gather in October.

13: Which local university invites you to Fall for the Book?



1: Things heat up at the Washington _______ Writers' annual retreat in April.

2: Capitol Hill's bookfest in May.

3: Conversations and ___________ happen with Barrelhouse every April.

4: Montgomery County's offering to the lit-fest world.

5: The other name for the Independent's own Washington Writers Conference?

6: This International Day of the Book happens in Maryland in April.

8: BSFS presents this sci-fi and fantasy conference in May, hon.

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