Of Inhuman Bondage

Colson Whitehead’s The Nickel Boys shines a light on an insidious evil.

WE Are Family

Author Sandra Patton-Imani reminds readers that “white and straight” isn’t always the norm.

She Is, She Is, She Is

Its grim subject matter aside, Maggie O’Farrell’s gripping memoir cements her place among the finest writers working today.

Unnecessary Losses

What happens when a dystopian police state methodically erases everyday objects?

The Exploits of an A-List Attorney

An engrossing look at early 20th-century lawyer Nathan Burkan and his larger-than-life clients.

A Trenchant Trickster

In the precarious world of early 17th-century Germany, Tyll Ulenspiegel learns life is a tightrope.

A Sisterhood of Saviors

A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves ably spotlights the dominant financial role played by female immigrants.

The Silent Justice’s Deafening Opinions

Corey Robin’s The Enigma of Clarence Thomas explores the life of an oft-perplexing jurist.