Book Review

Coolest American Stories 2022

Edited by Mark Wish and Elizabeth Coffey

Unforgettable characters populate this winning — indeed, cool — anthology.

Book Review

The satisfying tales in this collection leave the reader wanting more.

Book Review

To Be a Man

By Nicole Krauss

This immersive collection brilliantly considers the raw material of the world.

Book Review

My Monticello: Fiction

By Jocelyn Nicole Johnson

A wry, captivating reimagining of history both recent and receding.

Book Review

The Dog of Tithwal: Stories

By Saadat Hasan Manto; translated by Khalid Hasan and Aatish Taseer

A charged, sober collection about life in post-partition India and Pakistan.

Book Review

Cool for America

By Andrew Martin

Flawed, sympathetic characters battle personal and societal demons in this intelligent, wry collection.

Book Review

Skinship: Stories

By Yoon Choi

The Korean American experience is examined in this debut collection.

Book Review

Shoko’s Smile: Stories

By Choi Eunyoung; translated by Sung Ryu

Melancholy permeates this spare, insightful collection from South Korea.