Book Review

This cautionary tale about the horror and hypocrisy of eugenics is based on real-life events.

Book Review


By Robert Harris

A smart, character-driven tale about the lies German rocket scientists once told themselves.

Book Review

A lighthearted, fictional dash through Tinsel Town’s Golden Age.

Book Review

Escaping Dreamland

By Charlie Lovett

This dual-timeline story about the mysteries of children’s literature will inform and delight.

Book Review

Talland House

By Maggie Humm

This homage to Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse is a wonderful tale in its own right.

Book Review

Universe of Two

By Stephen P. Kiernan

A romantic tale of love triumphant, based loosely on the life of a WWII math whiz.

Book Review

Matrix: A Novel

By Lauren Groff

Banished to a nunnery, a headstrong 12th-century girl discovers her strength.

Book Review

The Vanishing Sky

By L. Annette Binder

An everyday German family confronts nationalism and despair in the waning hours of World War II.