Book Review

What Passes as Love: A Novel

By Trisha R. Thomas

An escaped slave navigates the white world in a suspenseful bid for freedom.

Book Review

In All Good Faith: A Novel

By Liza Nash Taylor

Two very different women discover their own strength in the Depression-era South.

Book Review


By Maggie O’Farrell

A masterful reimagining of the life — and death — of the Bard’s only son.

Book Review

Romance and suspense intertwine in this riveting thriller set on post-WWI Ellis Island.

Book Review

A family drama about love and legacy in early-20th-century Atlantic City.

Book Review


By Alex Pheby

This novelized portrait of James Joyce’s real-life daughter is a somber, difficult read.

Book Review

Great Circle: A Novel

By Maggie Shipstead

The soaring tale of a fictional female pilot who feels utterly real.

Book Review

The Lady of Zamalek: A Novel

By Ashraf El-Ashmawi; translated by Peter Daniel

The history of corruption in modern Egypt is encapsulated in this thrilling saga of one family’s rise and fall.