Maria Kontak


Maria Kontak left her native Poland at the age of nine. Her desire to communicate led to the study of languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, and German) and she developed a love of literature and of psychology. Maria holds a doctorate in Russian literature from the University of Michigan and has worked as a journalist, diplomat, and an international business and trade specialist. An author of short stories, she is putting the finishing touches on a novel, The Thirty Third Year.


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If you have tired of watching Anna Karenina’s anguished life on film, seeing Raskolnikov’s next villainous act recreated in the comics, or enduring one too many Lolita wannabes in print or on the screen, it’s time to dig deeper into Russia’s literary troves. There, you’ll find rogues, critters, ghouls, and body parts — in other words, some of the most fascinating fictional characters you could ever hope to meet.

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