Liam Callanan

Liam Callanan lives and writes in Milwaukee and on the web at His novels include The Cloud Atlas and All Saints.

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Book Review

A "fascinating, funny, and occasionally frustrating" collection of tales.

Book Review

The Discreet Hero

By Mario Vargas Llosa; translated by Edith Grossman

A novel packed with energy and tumult finds room for keen descriptions of life’s small pleasures.

Book Review

The Boy Who Drew Monsters

By Keith Donohue

Prepare to sleep with one eye open — or not at all — after diving into this page-turning chiller.

Book Review

A beautiful account of a mother’s dedication to her son and their shared journey through long nights, jazz, and lonely places.

Book Review

During a little-known moment in World War II history — the Japanese invasion of the Aleutian Chain — a husband and wife struggle to find each other amid the violence.

Book Review

Communion Town

Sam Thompson

A city is brought to vivid life through a fractal depiction of its inhabitants.

Book Review


Ken Kalfus

An ambitious 19th-century astronomer tries to summon life from the stars in the author’s third novel.

Book Review

The author brings his considerable talent to bear on this novel approach to a novel.

Book Review

Denis Johnson

A long and simple life in the wilderness, told as novella in luminous prose.