Ellen Prentiss Campbell

The recipient of fellowships in 2009, 2010 and 2012 at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, her fiction has placed in competitions including The Iron Horse Fiction Collection Contest and The Hunger Mountain Short Fiction Contest. 

Ellen holds an MFA from The Bennington Writing Seminars, an MSW from Simmons College, and a BA from Smith College.  As a child, Ellen dictated stories before she could write, and remembers the disappointment of learning to read and still being unable to crack the cursive code of her grandmother’s letters. Both as a writer and a social worker, she seeks the story between the lines. 

Ellen lives with her husband in Rockville, Maryland, in an old house with stories of its own – walking distance from the library and the swimming pool, two of her favorite places. She often writes on an old farm on Glade Pike in Bedford County, Pennsylvania and has completed a collection of stories set in the Allegheny Mountains of western Pennsylvania. Her novel-in-progress takes place in a resort hotel in the region.


15 entries by Ellen Prentiss Campbell

Book Review

Read this one as children do: with eyes and heart open, giving in, ready to be swept away.

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By Zinzi Clemmons

An emotionally charged tale of grief, rage, and the resilience of the human spirit

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Emma Donoghue

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Silence Once Begun

Jesse Ball

All stories are fiction, as the saying goes. Historical fact, journalistic fact, and scientific data are shaped by the observer and the recorder.

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Dark Lies the Island

Kevin Barry

Unease, violence and darkness run through this short-story collection, the latest work by the award-winning Irish author.

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A novel exploring the value and meaning of the human endeavor to heal and to rescue.

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Gail Godwin

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Ali Smith

How art, especially literature, illuminates life and love.

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Leah Stewart

A novel exploring the delicate dilemmas of family life, and how our roots both clip our wings and sustain us.

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Chico Buarque

An elderly man on his deathbed recounts a passionate life of love and loss, in a tale that’s poetically told and steeped in Brazilian culture.