Bárbara Mujica

Bárbara Mujica is a novelist, short story writer, scholar, and theater director. Mujica’s latest novel, I Am Venus,explores the identity of the model for the famous Rokeby Venus, the only extant nude of seventeenth-Spanish painter Diego de Velázquez. It is scheduled for publication in summer 2013. Her critically acclaimed novel, Sister Teresa, (Overlook 2007; paperback, Penguin 2008) depicts the life of Teresa de Avila, the most beloved saint of the Spanish-speaking world, after the Virgin. A play based on the novel is currently being developed by The Actors Studio in Los Angeles. Mujica’s novel frida (Overlook 2001; paperback, Plume 2002) was an international bestseller that has appeared in seventeen languages. Based on the tumultuous relationship between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera,frida was a Book-of-the-Month Club alternate. Her other book-length fiction includes The Deaths of Don Bernardo(novel, 1990), Sanchez across the Street (stories, 1997), and Far from My Mother’s Home (stories, 1999; French edition 2007). 

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Book Review

An acclaimed theologian delivers a delightfully readable exploration of two medieval saints whose ideas are of great contemporary relevance.

Book Review

“A suffering wife…sadly neglected by her...self-absorbed husband” finally gets recognized for her own intelligence.

Book Review

The White Islands / Las Islas Blancas

By Marjorie Agosín; translated by Jacqueline Nanfito

One of Chile’s most celebrated poets captures the voice and soul of Sephardic women.

Book Review

The Mortifications: A Novel

By Derek Palacio

The pull of family and Cuba loom large in this fascinating story reminiscent of Márquez.

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A husband and wife struggle to stay alive for a single day during the Sri Lankan civil war.

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This biographical novel about a Hollywood legend draws in readers from the very first line.

Book Review

A thoughtful reconsideration of war and PTSD.

Book Review

Book Review

Country of Red Azaleas: A Novel

By Domnica Radulescu

Despite war, separation, and loss, two women find strength in their love for one another.

Book Review

Simone: A Novel

By Eduardo Lalo; translated by David Frye

A slow-moving yet thoughtful story set in 20th-century San Juan.


The acclaimed Chilean writer discusses revolution, poetry, and the role of Judaism in her life.

Book Review

A philosophical examination of the toll emotional pain takes on service members.

Book Review

Isabella: the Warrior Queen

By Kirstin Downey

This compelling, thoughtful biography humanizes the iconic Spanish monarch.

Book Review

The Castle of Whispers

Carole Martinez

The bestselling French author transports readers to 12th-century France, while still providing hard-hitting social commentary.

Book Review

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly

Sun-Mi Hwang; translated by Chi-Young Kim; illustrated by Nomoco

A deceptively simple barnyard fable broaches many existential themes.

Book Review

The Sound of Things Falling

Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Memories of brutality form a common language for the people of Bogotá, Colombia. Can these citizens build a future different from the past?

Book Review

My Father’s Ghost Is Climbing in the Rain

Patricio Pron, translated by Mara Faye Lethem

A young writer estranged from his past wrestles with the suppressed truth of his father’s political activity during Argentina’s “dirty war.”