Coming to the Gaithersburg Book Festival? Don’t forget your rookie readers!


Don’t miss out on the wordy fun!


London, Austin, Decatur, Brooklyn.... Book Festivals are thriving everywhere. Surely, dear reader, there is a celebration of writers and books near you.

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... whether you're returning, sending someone there, or just aghast at the increased traffic!

Book News

From a terrific schedule to a chance to pitch your work to agents, our upcoming conference is a great event for readers and writers.

Author Q&A

Electoral Dysfunction goes a long way toward explaining why U.S. election practices are so confusing. It’s a fascinating discussion of both big-picture issues and minutiae.

Book Blog

Susana and Josh Trapani "live-tweeted" the National Book Festival; check out a timeline of their pictures, tweets, and retweets of others.

Book Blog

Diana Parsell wins the Mayborn Biography Fellowship!